Mountain Brook Art Association sponsors two major shows:  A Spring Show at Crestline Elementary Athletic Fields in April and a Holiday Show, generally at Park Lane/English Village in November.   Both shows are free and open to the public.  All current members are welcome to exhibit and anyone living within a 25 mile radius of Mountain Brook is welcome to join. (Click HERE for membership form.)

In an effort to encourage painting and drawing, only 2-dimensional art is allowed, executed in paint, dry or mixed media of traditional painting/drawing materials.  Fine art collage is acceptable but new collage exhibitors must submit work for approval and must use same general substrates. Artwork must be executed on traditional grounds (Example: canvas, board, paper)  No crafts, photography, pottery, ceramics, jewelry, or sculpture will be included.  Framed prints are limited to 20% of hanging display & bins, and must be identified as prints. Note cards are also allowed provided that they are reproductions of original artist creations.

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