Art Supplies Needed For Tornado Damaged School

The tornadoes yesterday caused extensive damage but particularly to Center Point Elementary. This quote came from Alabama Art Supply.

“As you know or may have heard some of the local Jefferson County Schools had extensive damage due the tornadoes. Center Point Elementary was the one hit the hardest. Kim Brodie is the art teacher there and we hear that she has nothing…

Elementary schools only get allotted so much money anyway and Kim even uses her own money so she will have the supplies she needs. She is an awesome person.

Let’s as an art community get together and help her build her inventory so she will not have to worry about that. You can buy crayons, paper, construction paper, pencils, paint, brushes, poster board, etc.  If you buy from us we will sell it at a lower price and even deliver it out to Kim. Donations will also be welcome. Thanking you in advance for supporting our local schools and keeping art in the schools. Now……..come show your love and let’s get Kim worrying about what to teach instead of where am I going to get supplies to teach.”

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