We want to showcase your photographs of the Spring Art Show!

We saw lots of pictures being taken of the 31st Annual Spring Art Show on April 21st, and we’d like to showcase them on our website and our Facebook page!  Please email us your photos and any information that you would like to include.  We’ll include as many as we can, and hope to include all of them.  Please note that these will be uploaded to our Flickr page using Creative Commons licensing.  If you’re unfamiliar with Creative Commons, please read THIS.

If you send us photographs of your artwork from the Spring Art Show, Creative Commons provides you with copyright protection on creative works that are normally protected by copyright without you having to do anything.  This means that no one can legally share your uploaded images for profit without your express permission.  However,  please be aware that  images of your artwork will be in the public domain once they’re uploaded on the internet.

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