UPCOMING MEETINGS – Mark your calendars now!

Sept. 19, 10 AM -12 PM

by Chris Cruz, VP Programs

You’re in for a treat.  Meet awesome member MJ Venrick who will be sharing with you her experience and expertise on how to frame your art properly.  She will have great ideas, share experiences and answer your questions.

Bring some of your art and let her give you ideas. Ask when to frame under glass, floating frame, etc.  Bring all your questions on whether they are framed or not.  Share your awesome work with the group and tell us what made you use that kind of framing.

Here is a little bit about MJ, who I happen to call a friend: MJ loves to create. The process of creating is just as interesting as the artwork itself and just as revealing as its outcome. When it comes to her artwork, no matter what medium she is working in, her inspiration comes from her heart, head, eyes and then to her hand. She does not use projectors, light boxes, only what her eyes to hand can convert to an image. The age we live in you can create anything in digital form. That is great, and some day she says she will try it, but for now she likes the look of a little human imperfection. She feels artwork should not be a competition, but a true view of what the artist is feeling at that moment. Her paintings are her bio, and isn’t that what you really want to see and know about ……..Check out her website at https://m-j-venrick.pixels.com/

Sept. 24,  6 – 8 PM

Meet and Greet

by Chris Cruz, VP Programs

Have fun getting to know your fellow artists! Even if you attended the daytime meeting last Spring this will be a different format than what we had before.  We will continue to explore how you can make a best friend in 5 minutes and how that will help you in your art career.  Refreshments will be served.  Come out and meet new artists, share your experiences, successes and not so great learning experiences.  We will all grow at this meeting, we will all be leaving as friends.  This is the opportunity to connect with that artist you admire or that emerging artist that needs a little help and you can mentor.  ART is meant to be shared not only with our customers but with each other.

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