Gresham, Barclay

Gresham, Barclay

  • mixed media art in all sizes
  • most pieces range in price from $25-$425
  • portraits of children from $1,200

I started this business with three goals in mind:

  1. To create great art at very affordable prices and at all price points,
  2. To be approachable for all clients and work with all levels of art knowledge,
  3. To create wonderfully textured pieces in the colors and styles that people love.

All of my work is 100% guaranteed. Even my custom pieces! If you do not love the piece, you will NOT be obligated to pay for the piece. I do NOT want any of my art hanging in your house unless you love it.

I have always known that there was a market for really good art at very affordable prices. I have spent the past 3 years testing this theory as a full time artist. During that time, I have sold over 1,000 paintings in every size and price range. Over 50% of those pieces completed were commissioned pieces. In January 2010 my waiting list of pieces to complete is well over 150 pieces. I will work on 10 or more pieces at a time which allows me to fulfill my orders in a quick time frame. I enjoy the fact that anyone can purchase and enjoy my artwork.