McWaters, Glenn

Glenn McWaters is a native of Birmingham.  He has drawn all his life.  He began painting about 38 years ago, while serving as a helicopter pilot in the Marine Corps.  He is self-taught.  His medium is oil and acrylics.  He loves to paint God’s creation.  He has recently focused on beach scenes, but also paints other scenes, animals and humans.  His favorite animals are horses and eagles.  His scenery is diverse – from the beaches of Alabama to the coast of Maine, to the rivers and mountains of Alaska.   He has a studio in his home where he can paint and display his work.

Glenn says “I love painting, as this is a God given talent.  My wife, Lynn, is a very talented photographer and takes photos for me.”  Glenn uses many of these photos in composing a painting.

Glenn McWaters
Cell phone:  205.532.3387
Home address:  1022 Saddle Creek Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35242