Shepherd, Diane

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.23.38 PMDiane was born in Mobile, Alabama and received a major in Visual Design from Auburn University. After college, she worked in advertising for several years before marrying and moving to Birmingham in 1978.

She studied under Wayne Spradley for years and developed a love of watercolor. She is a Signature Bronze member of the Watercolor Society of Alabama and a Signature Member of the Georgia Watercolor Society. She has won numerous awards in shows sponsored by those organizations.

About ten years ago she began painting in oils and has studied under several local artists, learning to love oils as she does watercolors. She is continuing to learn and try new methods and she believes this is part of the love of painting, to never stop learning. She loves to do commissioned work in both mediums along with pen and ink drawings of homes.

She is a member of the Alabama Plein Air Artists and is learning to develop the art of painting outside. For information on paintings or commissioned pieces please contact her at, Diane