Wright, Robine

Robine has been interested in art her entire life, and has been painting in various forms over the last decade. However, until recently, Robine was unable to devote the attention necessary to creating art as raising children, working in the field of marketing, and maintaining a household had taken most of her time and effort. Now, with children in their college years, Robine has been able to turn her creative talents toward her lifelong passion of creating art, and that has been through her devotion to bringing out images on canvas.

Her primary medium is acrylic, oil, and watercolor and she enjoys each painting “telling a story”. Whether it is capturing the light or bringing character and emotion to the canvas. She enjoys color and contrast andthe ability to invite and capture the moment. She has been fortunate to have studied with some wonderful local artists who not only are talented, but are also wonderful teachers.

At this point her best painting is the one she has not painted…yet!
Robine is married, has two wonderful daughter’s, and has lived in Alabama since 2005.