2015 MBAA Holiday Show -Artist Information
Open for business Dec 4 – Dec 19, 2015
Brookwood Village Mall, lower level

Holiday Show 2015 Guidelines

Holiday Show 2015 Registration – PRINT PDF FORM

Holiday Show 2015 Registration Form – DOWNLOAD WORD DOC

This is a fun show in a huge, artistic, dramatic, well-attended, and well-lit space, featuring a daily demo artist, and it’s very easy to participate. All sales go through our central desk so you don’t need a business license. You don’t need a tent or display panels. You don’t even need to stick around to sell your work and you can keep extra work to replace sales in the storerooms. We just ask that you volunteer some time to help out…..but that’s the fun part. We all get to know each other and our artwork that way. ​​

This show will be publicized by Brookwood Village, radio, all local newspapers including 280 Living, Village Living, Vestavia Voice, Hoover Sun and Homewood Star, and Over the Mountain Journal. Over 7000 postcards and 500 posters will be distributed, and the event will be included on all web sites covering events in the metro area. YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL BE EXPECTING TO SEE YOUR WORK HERE! So don’t delay! Sign up NOW!