(To use PayPal when paying, please read all 5 steps below carefully before submitting your payment.)

  1.  Member dues:  $40/annually ($40 if paid by January 31st, then subject to additional $10 late fee if paid after January 31st.)     To pay member dues, you may pay by check, or  CLICK ANY PAYPAL LINK ON THIS WEBSITE (you MUST use a link on this website in order for the money to go to MBAA’s PayPal account).  PLEASE NOTE the CORRECT amount prior to making your payment.
    *  $40 for CURRENT and NEW members paying January 1st through 31st
    *  $50 for CURRENT members joining from February 1st through December 31st
    *  $40 for NEW members joining from February 1st through August 31st
    *  $20 for NEW members joining from September 1st through December 31stPlease do not combine show fees and membership payments, but rather make one payment for membership dues and a separate payment for show fees.  Also, IF YOU PLAN TO JOIN, you MUST fill out a membership form. Please CLICK HERE to access the current form, PRINT OUT, FILL IN, and either SCAN or TAKE A PHOTO of the form, and then for quickest possible turnaround SEND IT back through email to If you are not able to email the form, you can alternatively send through snail mail.
  2. To use Paypal:  You do NOT have to have a Paypal account but can instead use any major credit card and simply click HERE and follow directions.  Please however enter the correct amount, and do not combine payments.  In the notes, indicate what your payment is for, and also your membership name.
  3.  Show fee – We currently have a Spring Show and a Holiday Show.  Show fees will be announced at the time registration opens for that particular show.
  4.  If your payment name does not match your artist name, please enter it in the drop down box, or send us an email confirming your payment.  Thanks!  Whether paying membership dues or show fees, because we are a non-profit your payment will appear as a DONATION.
  5. Along with the membership form, we would like to have an image of one of your pieces and a headshot for our membership directory. These should also be emailed to

Membership is open to persons residing within a 25 mile radius of Mountain Brook City Hall.   We are an organization that strongly supports original drawing and painting so please note prior to joining that both our annual spring show in Crestline Village and our Holiday Show are limited to two-dimensional painting and drawing ONLY.

Currently, MBAA holds meetings in January, March, May, September, and November, along with additional evening meetings. The meetings feature demonstrations from some of the most well-known artists in our area, along with presentations on how to market your art, etc. The membership directory is updated and distributed periodically through email (and can be sent USPS, if requested). Members are expected to be familiar with and uphold the MBAA Constitution and Bylaws (available on the private Members Only section of our site) and to attend association meetings regularly. Annual membership dues are set at $40 and are payable in January. Active members who renew after January 31st will owe an additional $10 late fee ($50 to renew). New members who join from September 1st through December 31st pay prorated dues of $20.

The annual Spring Art Show is currently held on the Saturday before Mother’s Day in May on the athletic field at Crestline Elementary School. The Holiday Show is typically held for two weeks in late November/early December in an available space at a local shopping area (for the past 5 years it has been held at Colonial Brookwood Village and The Summit.) Original two-dimensional art on canvas, board, paper or flat wood are acceptable mediums for these shows. Members are required to attend at least one meeting during the 12 months prior to the show to be eligible to participate in the show.

Annual dues of $40 are payable in January. Renewal dues paid after January 31st will carry a fine of $10. Email announcements and newsletters will stop after February if dues are not paid. Members paying after March 1st will not appear in the directory

New members may join at any time for $40.

Re-joining members, who have dropped out for over a year not due to illness, will not pay prorated dues, but will pay the full dues of $40, plus a renewal fee of $10 for a total of $50.

Please complete a membership form if you are a new member or if your membership information has changed >  Click here for the Mountain Brook Art Association New Member Form 2019.  Please mail all membership forms to:

Mountain Brook Art Association
P.O. Box 531194
Mountain Brook, AL 35253

Active members who renew after January 31st pay a $10 late fee ($50).

Please note the amount due based on the table below BEFORE clicking on the PayPal button as you will need to enter the correct amount without  prompting.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal account but can pay using major credit cards.  If you are a new member OR your membership information has changed, please also complete and return the membership form aboveThank you!

NOTE: If your PayPal name does NOT match your artist name, enter it in the drop down box marked “artist name, new member, late payment”, or please send us an email with both names. Thanks

Membership Dues
On time renewal by Jan 31st – $40.00
Late renewal Feb 1st and after – $50.00