Membership is a prerequisite to exhibit in any of our art shows, making this one of the biggest reasons many people join initially. However, in addition to participation in shows, our members have access to a host of benefits that come with being part of this community.

As a member, you may promote your classes to other artists, promote organizations that you are involved with, promote your artwork on our site and blog. You will receive our exclusive newsletters making you the first to know about classes taught by other artists and other insider info. Being part of our show means becoming part of a community of experienced and professional artists who are eager to help and support one another in a variety of ways. Many of our artists have gotten amazing discounts on professional artist products purchased second hand from other members such a tents, displays, lighting, and more.

Our world class demos are available to anyone interested in attending, yet as a member you will get email notifications about our demos to make sure you never miss. Only members have access to our board meetings and will be eligible to vote and make decisions about the organization. Members also are eligible to serve on our board, which is a tremendous opportunity to positively impact the local art community and to refine some valuable leadership skills.

Member Expectations

Membership is open to persons residing within a 25 mile radius of Mountain Brook City Hall, located at 56 Church Street, Mountain Brook, AL
You can use this radius calculator tool or another similar one to see whether your address is within the area.

We are an organization that strongly supports original drawing and painting. Artists of any art form are welcome to join, however our shows are geared specifically towards two-dimensional art. Please read the Show Guidelines if you are interested in becoming an exhibiting member.

For current information about our member meetings, including info about our demos, please visit our Meetings page. We are all about fostering a community of artists. So our members are expected to attend association meetings regularly and expected to be familiar with and uphold the MBAA Constitution and Bylaws which are available on our About page. 

Here is a pdf of our 2022 Member Directory. This is updated annually and available online. If your contact info changes at any time, please use the membership form to update your contact information. Every member should fill in this form each year to complete their membership renewal so that we can always make sure our information is current.

Members pay annual dues that are due January 31st along with completing the form. The amount and specific information is available on our Pay Fees and Dues page. This needs to be done online first, and you will need to enter your payment information in the membership form. The reason we do it this way is to help our Treasurer and Membership VP work together to reconcile the accounts and keep our membership directory and information correctly updated.

All the steps for applying for new membership or to renew your membership are outlined below so that you can make sure you have completed all the steps.

Membership Application and Renewal

For your membership application or renewal to be complete, please do the following steps:

  1. Read through the Membership info above fully to be sure you agree and can comply with the expectations for members. This includes checking that your address is located within a 25 mile radius of the address listed.
  2. Please make a payment of your dues based on the information available on our Pay Fees and Dues page, and follow the instructions outlined there to make a payment. You will use your online payment confirmation number to fill in the membership form, so be sure to save it. If you mail in your check, you will need to fill in your check number, bank info.
  3. Send in two photographs: a head-shot and a picture that is representative of your art to for us to post on our website. If you are renewing, this is optional. We recommend updating these images every couple years. Images must be at least 500 kb.
  4. Complete the Membership Application and Renewal Form online