FAQ for Spring Art Show

Frequently Asked Questions about the Spring Art Show

When is this year’s Spring Show?  The first Saturday in May.

What about Food?  A food vendor will be available on the field to purchase lunches, in addition to area restaurants.

What kind of art is exhibited at the Spring Show?
This show features ONLY two dimensional, original artwork and a limited number of reproductions (no photography, fiber art, crafts, jewelry or sculpture).

Do you allow commercial vendors to rent booths?
No.  Booth space is for members of the association who exhibit their own original artwork.  Usually we invite a local food service to provide lunch options on site.

What kind of tent should I get?
Most of our artists use a plain white 10′ x 10′ pop-up tent.  One common brand is EZ-up.  Tents are not required but are highly recommended.  Absolutely NO stakes may be used to secure the tent.  The sprinkler system on the field could be damaged.

What kind of weights should I use to hold the tent down?
Weights of some sort are highly recommended due to the windy weather we often get in April.  An inexpensive system some use is tying 1 gallon or 2 gallon water jugs to each corner of the tent.  Other people have taken sections of pvc pipe filled with cement and having a large eye hook on one end inserted into the cement. These are then tied to the tent corners.  I use 20 lb. weights from a discarded exercise set.

Do I need sides on my tent?
You can purchase the cloth sides that fit on these tents but these aren’t necessary.  Nice, but not necessary.  In case of rain or a light shower, it’s advised to have some plastic drop cloths on hand and also some clips to secure it.

What kind of display panels should I get?
The type of display panels used varies greatly.  One of the most popular systems is Graphic Display Systems but they are a bit pricey.  They are also lightweight and very portable.  There’s a local company called Alpha Store Fixtures that sells a similar but heavier panel.  Artists are always coming up with “a better mousetrap”.  It’s a good idea to visit area shows and ask other artists what they use.  One or our resourceful members has come up with a simple to build, inexpensive panel.  Click here to go to an article about how to make these and see photos.

What are some other helpful things to bring to the show?
A hat, suncreen (don’t forget the tops of feet and lips!), business cards, a large name sign (although the association provides a uniform 8″ x 11″ sign for each artist), 3 personal checks for paying Mountain Brook city, Jefferson State county, and Alabama state taxes and cash or check for lunch, flowers or ferns can be a nice touch, a chair for you and a friend (often placed behind the artwork), a sales book and calculator, a bowl of mints or other “party favor”, guest book, pens, cardboard or plastic board in case you need to place a painting on the grass, a small table, water bottles, snacks, a cell phone (be sure to get the phone number of the hospitality booth so you can call for some relief), price cards for each piece, a price list of all your work is helpful especially if you want to calculate the 9% tax in advance, and a warm and friendly smile! (If you would like to add to this list, please write mtnbrookart@gmail.com

What’s the last day I can withdraw from the show?
We will notify you in your show packet of the last day to withdraw. (See each show’s guidelines regarding refund options).

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