Required Show Forms – 2016 SPRING ART SHOW

Please read Show Guidelines HERE before completing forms. To download 2016 Spring Art Show Registration pdf file and Mountain Brook Promissory Tax Form please click links below.  Note that the following MUST be returned with your registration forms.

Fees & Forms to Accompany this Registration:

  1. Exhibitor Fee of $70 per artist per booth until March 9th.  $90 after March 9th if space is still available, payable to “MBAA”.  Check to be held until March 9th
  2. Number of Booths requested
  3. City of Mountain Brook Tax Form completed and signed

To assist in promoting the art show I will distribute the following:

  • Nmber of yard signs I already have (These will need dating stickers)
  • Number of yard signs (requesting).  Must be picked up at the March meeting
  • Number of postcards I need to order.  Postcards ordered available at March meetings.


City of Mountain Brook 2016 form (to be updated soon)

Mountain Brook Sales Tax Promissory

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