Birmingham Conference For Photoshop Users

Adobe Photoshop is a premier computer application for web designers, graphic designers and photographers.  But it’s also a great tool for visual artists, enabling them  to photograph, and then resize and crop their own digital images for shows, printed material, websites, and emails.  Artists proficient in Adobe Photoshop can even create art using the software.Photoshop for Artists is a great online resource for those who do use the software.

It’s rare that conferences featuring this sophisticated software come to Birmingham, AL.  So it’s worth looking at the seminar on April 26th offered by SkillPath for professionals at all experience levels.  The intensive one day only workshop includes:  Track One, “Mastering the Basics of Photoshop”, and Track Two, “Secrets, Techniques and Methods for Photoshop Pros”. Mark your calendar and register HERE  if you’re interested in developing your Photoshop skills.

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