Thursday, May 11 10am-12pm at the Emmett O’Neal Library in Crestline

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, May 11
10am-12pm at the Emmett O’Neal Library in Crestline

Rik Lazenby

About the Demo Artist
Rik Lazenby is an accomplished and inspired mixed media artist and teacher. His studio is located in Hoover, Alabama, at Artists on the Bluff. Rik has a strong art background with both a Bachelor and Master’s Degree from the University of Alabama with an emphasis in art education. From 1968 until 2000, Rik
served as a teacher, principal and director in the Jefferson County School System. Rik is also well-known for his incredible
work in decorative wall treatments and the unusual products he uses which find their way into his artwork. Rik and his daughter Jennifer are co-owners of Lazenby Decorative Arts Studio which is nationally recognized and has received numerous awards for its quality projects.

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Thank you, thank you!

Thank you, thank you to our Show Chairman, Janet Sanders and all the volunteers who helped make this show a success!

Our Art in the Village spring event is a huge group effort. Months before, publicity is sent out with the postcard done by Sam Collins. With registration full, name tags were assembled by Beverley Phillips. The first part of the artist info packets was done by M.J. Dobbins with tax envelopes and tent signs.

Meanwhile, Carolyn Mitchell and Mary Mellen determined the tent placements. That info goes to Bev Bates who makes the map and program. The programs are then printed and Lucy Mason finishes out the artist packets with the finished name tags & programs.

Katie Adams helped transport club tents, screens, tables and chairs from storage. Each year Ron Lewis measures and lays out actual field placements just two hours before we set up our tents. Assisting him were Sam Chiarella, Ed Wilson and Joan Curtis. The Birmingham Belles did a great job helping set up this year.

Both setup and take-down had many of our members helping. Hospitality volunteers, several of whom stayed all day, worked the credit machine, delivered lunches, handled setting up the tent, Norton’s competition, and tax collecting (always a challenge). They looked like they all enjoyed themselves.

Even with the show finished, the work continued. Ed Wilson and Christi Bunn transferred all the club supplies to Show Chairman Janet Sander’s house nearby, where Sam Chiarella could help Janet get it all back to the storage unit in Irondale. Next, the tax envelopes
get delivered to the 3 government agencies. Lastly, Treasurer Darcy Glenn writes out checks for those artists who had sales go through our club credit machine. WHEW! Give yourself a hand, members. AWESOME JOB!

Congratulations to the following MBAA members for receiving awards at this year’s show. Blue Ribbons for Best in Show went to the followingi members: Amy Grimes, Anita Bice and Tricia Robinson. Awards of Distinction went to the following members: Carol Carmichael, Dan McDaniel, Mary Mellon, Ron Lewis, and Janet Sanders. The winner of this year’s Norton’s Floral Competition was Joan Curtis. A special thanks to our volunteer coordinator, Portia Williams, who also received a red ribbon for her artwork.

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Norton’s Floral Competition 2017 is ON!

Norton’s Floral Competition 2017 is ON!

START PAINTING!  Technique is up to you!
You can use any style size, style, 2 dimensional medium, unframed, or framed.
Please have a clear legible signature on painting and marked on the back.
Your completed painting must be ready to hang and must be dry. You can mark it with a sale price if you wish, or NFS. Bring entries to the Hospitality tent by 9AM show morning, Saturday, April 22nd, 2017. Judging will be at 9. Exhibitor entries can be picked up soon after 9 to allow you to sell the painting in your tent. Volunteer paintings may remain on display at Hospitality.

A huge thanks to Norton’s Florist who once again will sponsor the competition within our spring show that is open to volunteers (in any capacity) as well as exhibitors. A ribbon & publicity go to the winner as well as a gift certificate from Norton’s. It’s yet another way the club offers to keep every member involved. New members can get their feet wet as a selling artist. The volunteer paintings can stay all day for sale at Hospitality! Exhibitor paintings go back to their booths after judging.

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