Show Guidelines


We are an organization that strongly promotes original painting and drawing.  Therefore all our shows allow ONLY 2-dimensional art executed in paint, dry or mixed media on traditional painting/drawing materials. (Example: canvas, board, paper, flat metal)  All work submitted for MBAA shows must be original, based on the artist’s imagination or interpreted from their own photographs, and untouched by an instructor.  Fine art collage is acceptable but new collage exhibitors must submit work for approval and must use same general substrates. No visible photography can be included in collage or incorporated into paintings.Painting and Drawing

Only reproductions of the artist’s original paintings are allowed at shows, including cards.  However, all prints must be identified as prints and the majority of hanging space must be original work.

Please note: No crafts, photography, pottery, ceramics, jewelry, or sculpture will be allowed at our shows. We recommend the Birmingham Art Association and Magic City Art Connection for artists working in these mediums. We focus on 2 dimensional art ONLY. The MBAA Show Chairman reserves the right to exclude any work not following these guidelines and any work deemed inappropriate for our family-oriented art shows.

Remember that selling a painting copied from another artist’s photograph or painting is unethical and it’s illegal!

For more information on each show, please click on the “Events” tab and follow the links, or use our search button.