Andy Jordan - MBAA demo

Andy Jordan – MBAA demo

Our meetings feature demonstrations from some of the most well-known artists in our area, along with helpful presentations that have given us great information about how to further our art as a business.

We regularly get feedback from our members about what they need most and plan our programs based on what is most valuable to our members. Our meetings also provide a wonderful time for getting to know other club members, encourage one another in our artistic journey, and overview important club business updates.

Demonstration at one of our daytime meetings

Demo by David Nichols

We have either monthly meetings, or every other month at least. We vary between evening and daytime meetings to accommodate for different member schedules and availability. For a list of currently scheduled meetings please visit our Calendar page. Meeting dates and changes are also announced via email to our membership.

Attendance at meetings is an integral part of involvement in our organization. These meetings help us build community as we share experiences, insights and inspiration. Therefore, attendance at meetings is a prerequisite to exhibit in our shows. For information about attendance requirements for show exhibitors, please visit our Show Guidelines Page.

We invite those who are interested in learning more about us and becoming a member to visit one of our demo meetings to see what we are all about. Once you experience the benefit of these demos first hand, it is important to become a member so that your dues will be able to help contribute so that we can continue to run this organization smoothly and pay for the high quality demos.

Once you experience the warmth and encouragement of this group of like-minded artists, you will know that this is the place for you to grow and thrive. Our group is full of creative individuals who love to help pass along their knowledge and experience to new artists and new members to the group. Come and see for yourself!