Andy Jordan - MBAA demo

Andy Jordan – MBAA demo

Besides being wonderful for getting to know other club members, our club meetings usually consist of a little club business and a (longer) inspirational demo or other informational portion at the end.  We have had demos from all sorts of artists, as well as presentations from those who have given us great information about how to further our art as a business.

Demonstration at one of our daytime meetings

Demo by David Nichols

At least four regular general membership daytime meetings and two evening meetings are held during the year. Generally, these meetings are held in January, March (or within the 4 weeks prior to Spring Show), sometime during the summer, and October (or within four weeks prior to the Holiday Show). Please view the calendar for current dates, times, and additional information.

Meeting dates are announced via email to our membership.  For our meetings, we usually meet at Emmet O’Neal Library in Crestline Village. Attendance of at least one meeting in the 12 months prior to the show is a prerequisite for show participation.