Norton’s Floral Competition 2018 is ON – Start Painting!

Once again, Norton’s Florist has provided us with a stunning arrangement to paint in anticipation of the Spring Art Show. START PAINTING! Technique is up to you!

You can use any size, style, 2 dimensional medium, unframed, or framed.
Please have a clear legible signature on painting and marked on the back.
Your completed painting must be ready to hang and must be dry. You can mark it with a sale price if you wish, or NFS. Bring entries to the Hospitality tent by 9AM show morning. Judging will be at 9. Exhibitor entries can be picked up soon after 9 to allow you to sell the painting in your tent. Volunteer paintings may remain on display at Hospitality.

norton's FloristA huge thanks to Norton’s Florist who once again will sponsor the competition within our spring show that is open to volunteers (in any capacity) as well as exhibitors. A ribbon & publicity go to the winner as well as a gift certificate from Norton’s. It’s yet another way the club offers to keep every member involved. New members can get their feet wet as a selling artist. The volunteer paintings can stay all day for sale at Hospitality! Exhibitor paintings go back to their booths after judging. Click on images to view larger.

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Another Terrific Demo – Jayne Morgan

Another terrific demo this evening with local artist Jayne Morgan. Jayne works in acrylic usually on wrapped edge canvas, and she worked on two canvases for us tonight. This is the same painting, but each started with a different wash. The left canvas had a wash of burnt sienna, the right one a black wash — her usual choices. Jayne entertained us with stories of her traveling to shows in her Airstream trailer and how she packs for shows. Painting is so obviously fun for her. Here is her palette, simply using several paper plates at a time!

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Tuesday, March 6th, 6-8 PM – Featuring Jayne Morgan

​​TUESDAY 6-8 PM, Emmet O’Neal Library
(Don’t forget that attending some meetings is required to exhibit in our shows)

Jayne Morgan, also known as “honeybear”, is a successful artist from Birmingham, Alabama, painting in both oil and acrylic. Although her subject matter is much broader, she is best known for her famous honey bear paintings. Her studio in the old railroad caboose at the top of Bluff Park is close enough to her allow her to walk to work. Jayne studied at the exceptional Savannah College of Art and Design. Her non-painting time is spent teaching art classes for children and adults at Moonlight on the Mountain, creating art at Children’s hospital and the Exceptional Foundation, or traveling to art shows all over the country in her silver Airstream trailer.

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