Meeting: Thursday, April 21st at 10AM – Amy Peterson Demo

Multi-talented artist, teacher, and plein air painter AMY PETERSON will share with us a program on the joys, challenges, and benefits of painting outdoors. She calls it “No Fear Plein Air Painting”!  No matter what your preferred medium, Amy will help convince you to take your skills outside and learn from painting from life. Click here to see her bio.

Also, Show Chairs Janet Sanders and Nicola Cochran will have important show information and tips to pass along for our Art in the Village exhibition.

DOOR PRIZES!  This month we have 2 💥 $50 💥 gift certificates from Forstall Art Center as well as some wonderful freebies we received from Dick Blick. There are some more treasures from Rollina’s estate coming as well.  Be sure to thank Forstall for their generous gifts and note they have a big celebration coming on May 21.

Would you like to have/buy the lovely easel that was Rollina’s? It’s a Urania easel with a large storage cabinet and built in trays. Click here to see it on Dick Blick. Retail value is $1300. We’d like to sell it for $400 (or best offer) and donate the funds to MBAA. If we have no MBAA takers within 1 week, we’ll sell it on Facebook Marketplace asking $400 or best offer. Contact me soon if you’re interested (

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Fun March 2022 Meeting at New Location: Mt. Brook City Hall

Thursday, March 24th at 10 AM
Mountain Brook City Hall !
Crestline Village, # 60 Church Street
Doors open at 9 for browsing City Hall

The March 24 meeting is likely to be a memorable one full of new insights, exciting possibilities, and useful take-away tips.

First, it will be our first meeting to be held inside Mtn Brook City Hall which is also the location of our upcoming Art in the Village annual show. Be sure to look around the grounds. Our artists will be exhibiting both inside and outside!    

Second, this meeting will give us a chance to reflect on some of the feedback from the January membership survey. Your Executive Board wants us to spend some time in small group discussions getting to know one another better and exploring ways we can make MBAA better than ever.

And finally, we’ll have a segment of our program called “Artists’ Show and Tell” where we are asking several members to share with the group their favorite tip, technique, art-related phone app, workshop instructor, plus a short demo on painting with silver leaf and metallics.One member asks our artists to bring a “ruined” brush and learn about their brush revival tips. If you have a favorite gadget or tool, PLEASE bring it to show and tell about. It will surely be helpful to someone to learn about even if you’re not the first one ever to try it. If you need more than a couple of minutes, send me an email letting me know what you’d like to share and I’ll do my best to facilitate it.  So, remember, before you head out that Thursday morning for our meeting, grab an old ruined brush and something to “Show and Tell” about. Can’t wait to see and hear from many of you!

Happy painting!
Gayle Hurley, VP Programs

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41st Annual Spring Art Festival 2022

Art in the Village

All Local Art
Free Event
Village Eateries Next Block

April 30th
9 am – 5 pm

Crestline Village
Mountain Brook City Hall
#60 Church Street
Mountain Brook, 35213

The Mountain Brook Art Association and the City of Mountain Brook are pleased to share this visually spectacular event with you. We celebrate our 41st Spring Show for the first time ever at City Hall, with art exhibitors both indoors and outdoors. Crestline Village has ample public parking and superb shops and restaurants.


Art in the Village returns Saturday, April 30th. Mark your calendars for this free, family friendly, community art festival celebrating local artists with a large variety of high quality, fine art drawings and paintings.

Shop the high caliber collections of our artists and see their new work here first! Interact in person and get exclusive insight about our artistic process, perspectives and learn what inspires our creativity. We are committed to be there, rain or shine!

For Exhibiting Artists

Registration is now close
Our roster of artists is complete


  • You do not need business licenses. We provide all three: City, County and State.
  • Display panels are provided and set up for inside exhibitors.
  • Boy Scouts will assist in setup and take-down.
  • This show is open to any current members in good standing as long as there are open spaces. Please read the Show Guidelines for eligibility.
  • Norton’s Floral Competition is open to volunteers and exhibitors.
  • Blue ribbons for Best in Show for 3 categories of Professional, Semi-Professional, and Emerging Artists.
  • Three red ribbons for distinguished work, including one for a volunteer’s artwork.

Crestline Village is Mountain Brook’s busiest village. When we start setup on Friday morning we will get constant attention throughout the day and into evening.  Still a one-day show on Saturday, we hope all members can participate in some way. Volunteers are an integral part of the show.

A Preview from Previous Spring Shows

The above pictures are from previous shows at a different location.

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