Here’s the list of 75 artists participating in Saturday’s Spring Art Festival!

Spring Art Show 2015Below is the list of 75 local artists who will be participating in Saturday’s Spring Art Festival at Crestline Elementary. For more info, check out their individual pages under “Members” tab. If you’re a member and not exhibiting, you can still volunteer! And remember to bring your floral competition entry…All MBAA members/volunteers are invited to participate!

Not familiar with the show voted Mountain Brook’s best event? Here’s more info! You’ll LOVE our food vendor, Melt and jazz band entertainment, Choko Aiken Combo!

Adrian, Erin
Andrews, Carroll
Andrews, Yvonne
Averitt, Sherry
Bates, Bev
Battle, J.Mike
Bice, Anita
Braden, Marcie
Brendle, Gail
Bridgers, Wellon
Briggs, Lynn
Browning, Laurel
Bunn, Christi
Byrd, Joyce
Carmichael, Carol
Carroll, Pat
Chiarella, Sam
Cochran, Nicola Jeannette
Collins, Amy
Collins, Sam
Colza, Kim
(Cote) Cheyanne
Crews, Amy E
Crook, Sara
Curtis, Joan
Davis, Michael
Denaburg, Vicki
Engel, Gene
Findlay, Thomas Andrew
Hicks, Katherine Anne
Hopkins, Shannon
Hughes, Jeff
Jambor, Mara
Justice, Ellen
Kelley, Charlotte
Klein, Toby
Koopman, Nell
Lewis, Ron
Long, Katherine
Lowe, Cecily
Marlar, Brenda
Marlar, Hazel
Mash, Lois
Mellen, Mary
Mitchell, Carolyn
Oglesbay, Rollina
Perry, Joan
Peterson, Amy R.
Phares, Cathy
Pelleteri, Kat
Powell, Eddie
Powell, Sally
Randall, Wanda
Roach, Michael
Robbins, Mary Lynne
Robinson, Tricia
Roll, Mary Margaret
Ross, Jane Reed
Russell, Richard
Sanders, Janet
Sechrist, Katherine
Sloman, Dale
Smith, Dana K.
Stack, Kathleen
Tilt, Sandy
Tompkins, Bethany
Trammell, katherine
Truitt, Oam
Turner, Gyl
White, Sue Taylor
Wier, Mary
Wright, Kelly
Wright, Robine
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