Did you miss Terry Strickland’s demo? Here’s a recap!

screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-4-47-20-pmWow. What an incredible meeting Thursday, November 10th. We had over 60 members attend, maybe more as many late-comers didn’t sign in. Award-winning member Terry Strickland worked a large painting, all the while sharing technical information. As usual, the audience was furiously taking notes. The smaller paintings being passed around were very closely examined and admired. Each one of us had a hard time giving up the painting to the next person. HOW does Terry create such beauty?

Terry discussed focal points and softening edges and so much more advice that can apply to all sorts of painting

Terry teaches classes and workshops at Forstall, so look for her there.

screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-4-47-14-pmNotice her palette. Looks complicated , but member Ellen commented that it makes a huge difference in making portraiture easier and simpler. As many of us add people to our paintings we could all learn more on how to make them more lifelike.

Terry emphasizes painting from life and reminds us that Forstall has an open studio every Tuesday evening for live nude model drawing. Terry is the force behind the forming of this and is often there. The class is non-instructional, only $10 per drop-in session. Contrary to the current web site posting, they are not doing clothed models right now. It’s a great way to train your hand to do what your mind is seeing. See you there.

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