Have you paid your dues? Have you registered for Spring Art Show?

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We are already being contacted by the media to publicize the show! They are asking many questions including who is in the show. Are you? Register now so you don’t forget! The show may seem far away but you need to register NOW.

If you want to share a booth but haven’t found a partner, email us. We must have a form and payment for each of you.

Volunteering at the show is one of the best ways to get to know other members and feel part of the club. We need members who are not exhibiting to help manage the hospitality booth. The Hospitality Booth is our tent for club information, our credit desk, lost and found, and general party central. We will need volunteers to help in the booth, to help with setting up and down, delivering lunches & to booth-sit in order to give artists breaks. Volunteers may hang one or two paintings in the Hospitality Booth depending upon size. The paintings may be sold and are eligible for awards.

Just a few left who have not paid their dues. Is it you?
March 1st we will remove those members from our group email, web site & directory. We really hate to do that.

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