Sharpen your skills with painting classes, live models

NEW CLASSES  from member Terry Strickland
 Oil Painting Classes by MBAA member Terry Strickland
PRICE: $200 for six classes. All skill levels welcome. A couple spots are coming open in August. Email or call Terry at 205 529-9859 for information.
WHEN: It will be Tuesday  mornings 9:30-12:30 or afternoons.1:30-4:30 Forstall Art Center
FORMAT: My knowledge is your knowledge! I use a one room school house type class, where there are students of varying skill levels. This approach seems to work well, as everyone gains when hearing critiques from each others work. Those back to basics concepts that we continually revisit help strengthen everyone’s work.
There will be demos and exercises working from still life or photographs, the last Tuesday of the month we have a portrait model. I focus on using oil paint to create the illusion of reality and in general every aspect of the drawing and painting process. It’s amazing the things you can create when your artistic skills tool box is full of many tools! The class is small enough that you’ll get feedback one on one while everyone is working on their own paintings. The good thing is it’s always fun!

oil painting by Terry Strickland

starting back up Sept 1st, 2015
 Times Eight, or X’s 8, life drawing group on Tuesdays, Forstall Art Center, 6-9pm, The first Tuesday of the month is costumed model night, the others are nude. $10 per session or $35 per month.

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