Setting Up Panels

How to make Sarah’s Panels

These panels are approximately 6.5’ x 3’ and are made from electrical conduit tubing, corner connectors, ½ inch wire mesh grids – all spray painted or roller painted black.  Black locking ties hold it all together.


Cut the electrical conduit tubing to the desired lengths. It comes in 10 foot lengths. Trim to (2) 6.5 – 7’ lengths and (2) 3 foot lengths (or whatever is appropriate for your transportation.

Attach the corner connectors and paint the “frame” of the panel black. Spray paint may work best.

Snip the wire mesh to fit inside the “frame” and attach with black locking ties (trim the ends). Painting the wire mesh is easier with a paint roller than with spray paint.

The height (6.5’ – 7 ‘) allows the panels to lean slightly against the top bar of your tent for extra stability but the main stabilizing factor is the ability to connect one panel to another with the same black locking ties and positioning the grids in a zig zig pattern.

There are no “feet” or cross piece supports for these panels.

Most supplies can be purchased at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

PS. From a New Member: I went to Lowes today and purchased the materials to build some display screens. I read the article that you posted and I would like to make an additional suggestion regarding the screens. For elbows at the corners, regular PVC 90 degree elbows from the plumbing section will be more likely to be in stock than the conduit elbows, and they are more compact and a good deal less expensive. The Lowes on 119 didn’t have the conduit elbows in 1 1/4 inch diameter, which is what I decided to use. Just a little info that might be helpful.

NOTE: The hooks that most people use to hang their paintings from the screens are drapery hooks that can be bought at Home Depot, Lowes, etc. They are silver with a hook on one end and a sharp pin on the other end. They come in small packets of 10-12 and are inexpensive. Other options for hanging paintings are “s” hooks.

Pricing Quote supplied by Janet Sanders:
Grid Prices  1- 2009

Home Depot
In electrical department:
½” aluminum conduit  10’                      $  2.17
plastic straps   8”                      100 for    $ 5.99

In fencing department near lumber area:
Hardware cloth silver, ½” square openings

2’ X 25’   $24.98
3’ X 25′    $34.88
4’ X 25′    $41.78

Hardware cloth black, square openings      3 X15’

Alternative screening in lumber/paneling area
Lattice 4 X 8’ sheets in  white plastic         $29.97

In electrical department:
½” aluminum conduit  10’                                  $   2.17
½” aluminum conduit    5’                                  $   2.12
EMT to EMT Pull EL Box ½ aluminum           $  2.78 X 4 corners= $11.12
(this has tiny screws to tighten onto conduit)

In Garden fencing department:
Choice of:
Kennel Wire 2”x 2” squares, 36”X 50’,         $ 42.00
2 x 2 economy gauge16 gauge                         $ 26.00
Welded Wire 2 x 4” squares, 36’x 50’           $ 42.00
2 X4”  squares  48” 50”                                    $ 38.00

Approximate pricing for 7’ X 3’ section:
2 Pc conduit @   $2.17                      $  4.34
4 EMT connections @ $2.78           $11.12
Hardware cloth                                  $ 7.00
total                                       $22.26 + plastic straps to assemble



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