TWO meetings coming up in March so all can attend

TWO MEETINGS? Yes, we will have two meetings in March with the same demo artist. The evening meeting allows younger working artists to attend. Remember that if you are in the spring show you need to fulfill the obligation of attending at least one program for the last year. If you are a new exhibitor the meeting is mandatory for the question/answer session.

March 6 daytime meeting at noon, Canterbury Methodist.
If you are in the show, arrive early for question session 11:30-12.
MARCH 17th Monday evening meeting 6-8PM Emmet O’Neal Library
A short question/answer session before the demo starts.

A.B. Jordan drawingIs it drawing or painting? Both? Hmmm… It’s fun!

Our demo artist Andrew Britt Jordan was born in Birmingham, AL in 1980. He was awarded the Glenda Knight Keyes Prize for Outstanding Talent in 2011 and in November 2012 completed his BFA in Painting from Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. Back in Birmingham, he is continuing his explorations in painting, drawing, and printmaking. Andy currently works for Alabama Art Supply and will be doing a demo for us in Liquitex spray paints and markers. You truly must see his work to believe his amazing talent!

You can see his artwork on his website
And if you have a two minutes, please see his 2013 Salutatorian SCAD interview on YouTube above.

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