Here’s a list of artists participating in the Holiday Art Show 2015

Below is the final list of local artists who will be participating in the Holiday Art Show at Brookwood Village. For more info about each artist’s work, check out their individual pages under “Members” tab. If you’re a member and not exhibiting, you can still volunteer!  It’s a great way to get to know other members and their work.  And don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for more information about our members, class and exhibition opportunities, marketing tips, and additional news about our two annual shows.

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Not familiar with this fun holiday show featuring a wide variety of local two-dimensional art in a huge, well-lit venue with daily art demonstrations? Here’s more info!

Adams, Katie
Adrian, Erin
Andrews, Yvonne
Averitt, Sherry
Bates, Bev
Battle, Mike
Beck, Susan
Bice, Anita
Booth, Adelaide
Bradley, Beth
Braswell, Nan
Briggs, Lynn
Browning, Laurel
Bunn, Christi
Byrd, Joyce
Carmichael, Carol
Cash, Jenny
Chaney, Cecily
Chiarella, Sam
Cochran, Nicola
Collins, Amy
Cooper, Winnie K
Crook, Sara
Curtis, Joan
Davis, Michael
Dobbins, MJ
Engel, Gene
Estes, Don
Falls, Dee
Fowler, Cesci
Fulghum, Martha King
Gould, Carol
Grant, Jan
Gresham, Barclay
Grimes, Amy
Harris, Jonathan
Hathcock, Diane
Harris, Shannon (Hopkins)
Hughes, Jeff
Jambor, Mara
Justice, Ellen
Kelley, Charlotte
Lawaczek, Wally
Lewis, Laura
Long, Katherine
Marlar, Brenda
Marlar, Hazel
Mason, Sarah
McCool, Jill
McDonald, Carolyn
Mitchell, Carolyn
Ohlman, Karen
O’Keefe, Melanie
Opielinski, Lisa
Papapietro, Patricia
Perry, Joan
Peterson, Amy R
Phares, Cathy
Phillips, Beverley
Pilleteri, Kat
Piper, Janice
Pope, Julia
Prior, Barbara
Russell, Richard
Sanders, Janet
Stack, Kathleen
Thorn, DeAnne
Tilly, Peggy Green
Tilt, Sandy
Tompkins, Bethany
Turner, Gyl
Tyson, Andrew
Wall, Toni
White, Sue Taylor
Whitten, Nono
Wier, Mary
Williams, Portia
Wilson, Charlotte
Wilson, Ed
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