Next meeting is May 19th. Please mark your calendars!

Next meeting is Thursday, May 19th and will feature a demonstration by Troy Crisswell at Emmet O’Neal Library.  Please visit his website to see his beautiful figurative paintings. (Note:  There will be no night meeting this month.)

Troy Crisswell

Troy Crisswell

“Troy Crisswell is an oil and watercolor painter from Birmingham, AL.

His interest in drawing became apparent in his early teens as he and his good friend spent many summer hours cartooning cynical and exaggerated figures. He began taking art classes at Indian Springs School and continued his studies at Birmingham Southern College. Later, he worked in graphic design during the day and began attending a life drawing group in the evenings. He drew there weekly over the next twenty two-years.

In 1987 he began exhibiting pen and ink drawings and watercolor paintings. By 1991 Troy became a full time, self-employed artist. His painting continued to develop steadily and around 1997 he started to explore painting with oils.

Troy creates a signature mood in his paintings by using both realistic and surrealistic elements. He has won a multitude of awards at art festivals an his work has been featured in many galleries all over the Southeast. He is an established member of the Birmingham art community as well as a guitar player and songwriter. In 2010 he published his first book Thoughts On Painting”  (excerpted from his website,

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